HardDisk Corrupt Fix Bad Sector

This post i tested on my own PC.

Software: HDD Regenerator 2011
Website: DPO Software

For a while+for gaming i make a new specs:
My PC specs(also test were made)

Hard disk:
1- Western Digital 80GB(OS)
2- Maxtor 80GB(game file)
3- Seagate 3TB(personal file)

All hard disk i use SATA connector and SATA mode i change to IDE(to make it fully work)

I run defragment and check disk(windows utilities) but all seem not work. Waste my time.

My hard disk(OS) "hang" quite a lot of time make all my running program "not responding" and i notice multitask is not smooth.

Make sure you use SATA mode=IDE(you can change it back)
Download and install HDD Regenerator 2011 on your computer and run it.
For hard disk contain Windows/OS you need pendrive/CD to make it bootable. I tested with bootable pendrive. Just follow instruction on screen it not complicated at all.

Its work like magic!

This software is shareware. For unregistered version it only allow repair 1 bad sector while for registered version it unlocked full feature. Just googling for serial/crack. I found one and it work like charm.

Sia - Chandelier (Official Video) [Sup3rC0w]

Artist: Sia
Title: Chandelier
Album: Laeter
Year: 2014
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Angels Love Online Hicalu/Leviathan Hard Work

How am i gonna survive playing MMORPG with not spend real money. I need to work hard. Plan to get skill 5 from boss drop and sell it to game card/voucher. This is one of my hard work:

Angels Online Hicalu Hard Work