Nothing More Left Unfriend Her

My last word is "bye" post by chat with her. Nothing left for now. Im afraid of my failure so i avoid it. Unfriend her to avoid me from contacting her again and again.

Am I That Person

When i see her wall status on Facebook it could say im that person?That word make me hopes and only hopes as i could. Im not think more than myself. Gladly she meant me. *IF

Her status: "rindu nye kt dye....."

I miss him before more than she do. 

JDownloader 2 Is Ready To Be Download

Good new for all download-geekz!!! This is most exciting news which JDownloader release their new version is JDownloader 2 but still in beta/alpha state. Still good to try and now im using it for my download manager. For my rating of JDwonloader is 4.5 out of 5 because the interface is quite complicated comparing the previous JDownloader version 0.9

For what new feature coming with this JDownloader 2 is account premium "dictionary". It contain almost all premium account stored in one file and can be used by JDownloader to sign in and download as premium user from the download manager JDownloader. Such a great feature.

JDownloader 2 can be download from here(JDownloader site)

This Weak Just Make Me Feel Worst

Over a month almost a couple month. Still at this dream. Told her before "If you wish for a fantasy, i buy you a reality". I wonder if i ever could. Sorry i cant..

A tribute to you(please you find and place your name here)

July - My Soul

Post From My Friend Laptop

Yesterday, i change my pc for laptop from my friend. Making me act a bit weird using "this". So call, this post is published via laptop. Acer brand.

A minutes before, i just called TM operator reporting about my slow browsing/surfing experience. I subscribe 4MB connection but got just 241kbps. WTH!!!!

Easy math, do not panic with the number.What ever number you run speed test,same cost is destined. RM140 per month. No matter reason slow or fast, its for 140 ringgit.

I will using this laptop for about 2 weeks. So, no post about tech or tweak from me this time. I will no do anything dangerous for my friend laptop. No cincai-cincai action ma...

One Piece 566 For My Latest

Currently downloading One Piece 566 for my latest collection. 720p Japanese audio and English hardsub. Great for collection. Previous episode was backup in my One Piece folder in one of my hardisk.

I never missed very one episodes. Means i got One Piece episode 1-566(till now) and its all 720p excluding the older version they never released in HD

Streamyx Re-configure With Technician Help

Just about minutes ago,Streamyx technician calling my land phone. I pickup that call and they asking about my internet status. Yeah, i think this is "sequel" from before where i reported that my internet connection is very slow(actually when browsing)

So, they call to get further information problem. When they do a thing, im run a speedtest at Speedometer(streamyx) then it got 3917 for download. Means (3MB) right for download speed. But the line they capped were 5MB. I got some lost here.SIGH!!!

But for now, all working perfectly. My browsing experience was improved and the speed is ok like an actual subscribe package.

p/s: sometime Streamyx is also good heh,..

Torchlight Game by Runic FTW


Almost a week im not posting/update my blog. This blame all goes to Torchlight. One of games from Runic. Its kind of addictive about this game. Hate to says but i love the gameplay likely the online game which we/player travel or adventuring seek for new level,search for item,scroll, and of course kill the monsters.

Im not too sure about this game because myself not finish this game yet. For now(while writing this post) im at level 40.

Here some of screenshot about Torchlight pc game by Runic Games:

I downloaded this game from torrent. PIRATE!!! he3
Torchlight 2 already download but not installed yet.After finish this then i will move to Torchlight 2 next

Old Hardisk Get Working

This is happy news for me today. My old hardisk(before get used in my old laptop) currently work!!! I almost done nothing, just replace the new "case/casing" of my external hardisk(laptop hardisk). Now it work perfectly. I wonder how long this will last until it get to corrupt again, so i continue to move the content to my new hardisk(currently on this PC)

#Thank to Kyo for letting me use and lend his hardisk thing