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First Post on sup3rc0w

This is first post on http://sup3rc0w.blogspot.com also mean this is oldest post ever in sup3rc0w. I just publish this for memorable sake of sup3rc0w. This is actually for my own record but i would like to share around the world what history under sup3rc0w blog.

When i see the date, i know how old my blog was. This is sweet thing, most honorable to myself. Thank to Blogger to allow me have this post, this blog and everything i could share with everyone on worldwide. I willl keep blogging and let it be my activity when i have and idea to write, share what i knew and with what i shared here could help people, what mistake and what solution i take. Everything as long i still breath.

Please let me know what your opinion about my writing, about blog also about myself. I just merely a person who does mistake and let me know to allow me become "perfect" as i could be.

If you found and read this post, mean i feel really thank you for you. Thanks again from me. Sincere words from sup3rc0w admin. TQ


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