Angel Love Online Card Magnitude

I would like to share for what i know. Angel Love Online Card Magnitude or sometime called "Card Star" or "Card Level". What purpose of this card, is up to you. But basically, we just add to Card Book :D .They have another great function doughh.

How to obtain card in Angel Love Online game?
1- Monster/boss drop
2- Gathering material(worker gather specific material to get certain card)
3- Crafting material(not just craft skill but all producer "making" skill)
4- Doing quest(some NPC will gave you quest or by repetitive quest-ing)
5- Not main factor but you can get from: level 90 Mature Gift Box,exchange with other player

What to do with card?
1- Add to Card Book(complete the set then claim amazing item)
2- As Random Item in fusion equipment,pet
3- Sell to get Angel Gold. Some card are high price. It worth to camp/hunt card

Maybe lot more source where you can get card in Angel Love Online game but i just cant think more know :P .Please let me know by leaving comment.

This is not expert work. I just want to share and i not;never claim myself as pro/hacker/cracker or whatever. If you have info,let spread and share. Help the others.TQ

For mob location/which map please refer here(ALOpedia)

Quick reference:

Card Magnitude 10
Asmodeus Card     #people scene
Beelzebub Card     #special monster
Mammon Card     #special monster
Belial Card     #special monster
Isis Card     #special monster
Lilith     #special monster

Card Magnitude 9
Hydra Card     #special monster
Icarus Card     #special monster
Nightmare Reaper Card     #special monster
Seth Card     #special monster
Siren Card     #special monster
Bloodhoof     #special monster

Card Magnitude 8
Rock Golem Card     #special monster
Sleepy Naika Card     #special monster
Leviathan Card     #special monster
Scarlet Judas Card     #special monster
Trident Seal Card     #props and equipment
Wand Seal Card     #props and equipment
Bow Seal Card     #props and equipment
Cute Maid Card     #people scene
Jafar the Genie Card     #special monster
Windy Queen Card     #special monster
Flying UFO     #props and equipment
Swadeshi     #people scene
Iris     #special monster
Fake Michael     #special monster
Underdog     #special monster

Card Magnitude 7 
Shaman Tomomi Card     #special monster
Scarry Jell-O Card     #special monster
Eyesickle King Card     #special monster
Queen Moth Card     #special monster
Moonlight Warewolf Card     #people scene
Desert Pearl Card     #props and equipment
Elegant Furniture Card     #props and equipment
Princess Wendy Card     #special monster
Ken the Centaur Card     #special monster
Mad Nico Card     #special monster
Celeb Maya Card     #special monster
Rainbow Bird     #general Monster
Destroyer Jade     #special monster
Sad Robo     #people scene
Stealth Airplane     #props and equipment
Crystal     #special monster
Sky Titan     #special monster
Baby Mecha     #special monster
Gilian     #people scene
Sage     #special monster

Complete reference:

I already translate from their default language to English language. I paste in Pastebin  to allow user read with full info. You can read complete reference mode through here(Pastebin)

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Android-x86 My New OS

For Android fans out there, here come Android-x86 to give you Android world for your PC.

You can check their official website here(Android-x86 website)

I'm too lazy to write lot. So, i make FAQ in here:

FAQ (Android-x86)

Q: What is Android-x86?
A: It an OS. Google Android for sure. But it for PC mode

Q: What can you do with Android-x86?
A: Depend. For me,i use Android-x86 for Android gaming on PC.

Q: My installation of Android-x86?
A: Virtual OS

Q: RAM provided?
A: 512MB(i using Andorid 4.4 Kit Kat) but for Kit Kat version, if you multi task, i prefer you provide RAM more than 512MB. Almost 1GB is great.

Q: What game i play?
A: For this time,i play "iMobsters" from Storm8 developer. Their website here(Storm8) and for Google Play Store click here(Play Store)
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Free Streamyx Account [28.6.2014]

Free Streamyx Account [28.6.2014]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:
Free Streamyx Account [28.6.2014]

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

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Ying Li Si Chumphon - Kho Chai Thoe Laek Boe Tho [Sup3rC0w]

Artist: Ying Li Si Chumphon
Title: Kho Chai Thoe Laek Boe Tho
Album: N/A
Year: 2013
Info Source: N/A

Listen: Click here (Ying Li Si Chumphon - Kho Chai Thoe Laek Boe Tho @YouTube)
URL Text Format:

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"ขอใจเธอแลกเบอร์โทร - หญิงลี ศรีจุมพล"
"หญิงลี ศรีจุมพล"

Angels Love Online Miccat Egg

New lucky bag name "Gemini Lucky Bag" launched on 27 May 2014 for ALOVERS. In this lucky bag, player have chance to get new egg/pet called "Miccat egg" or "Miccat Pet". For full contain about Gemini Lucky Bag, please check here(ALO website) for detail.

For now, i not know what rank for Miccat Egg but here i just post about this new pet. How to train Miccat egg and get it evolved as you want it to be.

I myself own a Miccat egg got from Gemini Lucky Bag(Artisan) by luck. Here about my Miccat pet and some information about Miccat pet i got from other various sources. Hope it help you to train Miccat pet.

I own only one Miccat egg. So here what i got from my teaching method i set and my Miccat Egg evolution phase .

1- Egg phase(level 1-15) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
Sorry i forgot to take a screenshot for this phase) but i set "Pet Auto Answer" to Gentle Type.

2- Hatched phase (level 15+) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
From teaching method Gentle, it hatched at level 15 and becoming "Pink Cat"
Miccat Egg Hatched at level 15 turn to Pink Cat
3- First evolution (level 35+) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
After using MBC or Certificate(from Item Mall) for level 35+ pet,first evolution,it become "Blue Boots Cat"
Miccat Pet at first evolution phase becoming Blue Boots Cat
4- Second Evolution (lvl 55+) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
After using ABC or Certificate(from Item Mall) for level 55+ pet,second evolution,it become "Sky Snow Maverick"
Miccat pet second evolution phase becoming Sky Snow Maverick
So, come to conclusion on how i teach my Miccat Egg is Gentle>Gentle>Gentle or in other word Nice>Nice>Nice

Now as you can see, from my teaching method for my Miccat Egg, i got "Sky Snow Maverick" and now have 3 skills,here its skill:

First Skill (Thorn Blow) #melee
Sky Snow Maverick pet first skill Thorn Blow
 Second skill (Destruction Project) #AOE #range
Sky Snow Maverick pet second skill Destruction Project
 Third skill (Bloodrush Song) #buff #self
Sky Snow Maverick pet first skill Bloodrush Song
My Sky Snow Maverick in Action. Skill Destruction Project:
Sky Snow Maverick Destruction Project in action
 Other reference:
For Discipline>Discipline>Discipline or Mean>Mean>Mean it will become
Discipline>Discipline>Discipline or Mean>Mean>Mean
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[SOLVED] Could not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface

After fresh install BackTrack 5 R3 Gnome 64-bit version, by default it using Wicd as network manager. Apparently, there was an error every time wicd is start after starting BackTrack.

Here an error(showing on my BackTrack)


Its little annoying me and wish to turn an error dialog off. So, after googling a while,i found a solution from the internet. Sorry,i couldn't remember the source. BTW, thank for the helper and credit goes to them.

1- On top panel, click "System" > Preferences > Startup Applications
2- At the "Startup Programs" tab, click "Add" and enter following information:

Name: Wicd startup(this line can be any word)
Command: /etc/init.d/wicd start(exactly like this)
Comment: start wicd on startup(this can be any word)

The overall information is like this:


Thank for reading. I just found this solution from internet and just intend to share with anyone who facing with same problem like me. All credit goes to the original helper.

Angels Online Cleaner

This is small application to save space(even a bit) fo your hardisk size. Yeah, also to wipe out unneeded file.

NOTE: Do at your own risk.

App name: Angels Online Cleaner

1- Open your Angels Online directory(C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online)
2- Create new text document(notepad)
3- Type this:
 @echo off
 del *.dmp
4- Don't just save it. Must SAVE AS AO_Cleaner.bat

Or you can just download Angels Online Cleaner here

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Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) [Sup3rC0w]

Artist: Rihanna
Title: Only Girl (In The World)
Album: N/A
Year: N/A
Info Source: N/A

Listen: Click here (Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) [sup3rc0w] @YouTube)
URL Text Format:

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