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Angels Love Online Miccat Egg

New lucky bag name "Gemini Lucky Bag" launched on 27 May 2014 for ALOVERS. In this lucky bag, player have chance to get new egg/pet called "Miccat egg" or "Miccat Pet". For full contain about Gemini Lucky Bag, please check here(ALO website) for detail.

For now, i not know what rank for Miccat Egg but here i just post about this new pet. How to train Miccat egg and get it evolved as you want it to be.

I myself own a Miccat egg got from Gemini Lucky Bag(Artisan) by luck. Here about my Miccat pet and some information about Miccat pet i got from other various sources. Hope it help you to train Miccat pet.

I own only one Miccat egg. So here what i got from my teaching method i set and my Miccat Egg evolution phase .

1- Egg phase(level 1-15) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
Sorry i forgot to take a screenshot for this phase) but i set "Pet Auto Answer" to Gentle Type.

2- Hatched phase (level 15+) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
From teaching method Gentle, it hatched at level 15 and becoming "Pink Cat"
Miccat Egg Hatched at level 15 turn to Pink Cat
3- First evolution (level 35+) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
After using MBC or Certificate(from Item Mall) for level 35+ pet,first evolution,it become "Blue Boots Cat"
Miccat Pet at first evolution phase becoming Blue Boots Cat
4- Second Evolution (lvl 55+) #Teaching method=GENTLE/NICE
After using ABC or Certificate(from Item Mall) for level 55+ pet,second evolution,it become "Sky Snow Maverick"
Miccat pet second evolution phase becoming Sky Snow Maverick
So, come to conclusion on how i teach my Miccat Egg is Gentle>Gentle>Gentle or in other word Nice>Nice>Nice

Now as you can see, from my teaching method for my Miccat Egg, i got "Sky Snow Maverick" and now have 3 skills,here its skill:

First Skill (Thorn Blow) #melee
Sky Snow Maverick pet first skill Thorn Blow
 Second skill (Destruction Project) #AOE #range
Sky Snow Maverick pet second skill Destruction Project
 Third skill (Bloodrush Song) #buff #self
Sky Snow Maverick pet first skill Bloodrush Song
My Sky Snow Maverick in Action. Skill Destruction Project:
Sky Snow Maverick Destruction Project in action
 Other reference:
For Discipline>Discipline>Discipline or Mean>Mean>Mean it will become
Discipline>Discipline>Discipline or Mean>Mean>Mean
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