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Kim Cesarion - Undressed [Sup3rC0w]

Artist: Kim Cesarion
Title: Undressed
Album: N/A
Year: 2013
Info Source: N/A

Listen: Click here (Kim Cesarion - Undressed @YouTube)
URL Text Format: ""

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Disable KMPlayer Sidebar

New version of KMPlayer now come with sidebar. We called it KMPlayer sidebar. This guide will help you disable KMPlayer sidebar.  Please read guide here(Pastebin).

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"Turn Off  KMPlayer Sidebar"

Sup3rc0w Rules

1- Comment should be related with the blog post. Other will removed.
2- If not related,please mail[Yoo Mee]
3- Use appropriate word.
4- Admin have right to remove comment.

1- My mail to[Yoo Mee]
2- You can mail me for anything just DONT spam.
3- Admin have right to not reply unrelated "business"
4- [Related]=blog post [Not Related]=mail 


I ONLY & JUST paste valid dump of Streamyx account. "VALID" mean is usable. I already post about terminology i used. Dont want double post. Please use search box. Again, dont force,blame me. Sorry again.

I make a rule:
1-Dont bug me telling account is not working coz i not gonna check it. I cant DC mine
2-For some related cases,please use comment form first rather than mail me.

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Free Streamyx Account [4.12.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [4.12.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

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Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss [Sup3rC0w]

Artist: Holly Valance
Title: Kiss Kiss
Album: Footprints
Year: 2002
Info Source: N/A

Listen: Click here (Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss @YouTube)
URL Text Format:

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Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It [Sup3rC0w]

Artist: Twisted Sister
Title: We're Not Gonna Take It
Album: Stay Hungry
Year: 1984
Info Source: N/A

Listen: Click here (Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It @YouTube)
URL Text Format:

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"Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It mp3"

Guna Account Streamyx Curi

Hello visitor,

Pada post ini,sy akan jelaskan(setakat yg saya tahu) mengenai "cara guna account Streamyx curi" ni. Previous post kat blog ni ada paste pasal "Streamyx acc yg telah di-dump".selongkar  blog sup3rc0w ya.

NOTE: Objective sy cuma ingin jelaskan apa yg setakat saya tahu dan tak semestinya betul. Mungkin ada kekurangan atau kesilapan dalam penulisan ini.

Quick Info:
Streamyx: ISP provider,TM,cable,stable,unlimited bandwidth,sebelum Unifi

Soalan: Account xleh guna,xleh connect,xjadi,etc..
Jawapan: Acc Streamyx sy paste itu adalah 100% valid. Cuma yang mungkin jadi masalah bila account tu tak aktif.

My Own Definition:
1- Account Valid
Maksud nya acc itu adalah sah dan legit. Acc itu wujud dalam sistem,database.
2- Account Not Active
Maksudnya acc itu sudah tidak dipakai.mgkin sebab acc tu dah abis contract,owner xjelas bil then acc tu kne temp block/freeze.
3- Account Active
Acc yg sah hidup,digunakan. xder msalah bil/kne block.
4- Up
Acc yang SEDANG digunakan.
5- Down
Acc yg SEDANG TIDAK digunakan

Those my own definition i used in this not exact from vocab/definition.its just my understanding. 

Try tgok screenshot sy punya internet.
Speed capped DSLAM
Acc 2mb dan 4mb ni berbeza sbb 4mb dikira sbg VIP dan 2mb itu cuma biasa(lebih kurg gitu). So acc 2mb sng nk guna banding ngan acc 4mb. Sy guna acc 2mb utk dump acc 4mb. Sbb nk msuk 4mb ni susah.bila dh dpt,done..

So,tgok dr screenshot tu,bleh tau dh Streamyx capped(sekat) sy punya upload sampai 512kb(+- tu sini sy xkira.sng explain) & download sampai 5mb.

NOTE: Sape2 yg bukan capped 4mb/5mb xperlu langsung gne acc 4mb/5mb. Klau capped 2mb nk gne acc 4mb utk jadi speed 4mb,xkn jadi/direject terus/speed xkan jd 4mb kerana anda CAPPED(DISEKAT).

INFO: Asalnya acc Streamyx 4mb cuma capped speed download 400+.klau capped 4mb,speed download 300+. Tak akan explain detail di post ni.

Kalau tgok dr screenshot tu jgak,sama maksud nya saya boleh pkai acc 5mb kebawah(1mb,2mb,3mb,4mb).

EXPLAINATION: (saya jelaskan setakat yg sy tahu dan melalui pemahaman sy saja)
Gateway.Acc 4mb sukar/xboleh bypass gateway. Scenario nya gini: "sup3rc0w@streamyx"  tgah up. So,another yg nk wat connection(duplicate) itu akan di ignore. Itu punca lazim mngenai masalah acc dump ni. Setakat ini sy xpasti dh jmpa solution atau tidak. Masih lg ber-experiment. Cuma melalui permerhatian sy,sy senang guna account curi ni time account owner nya down.

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Free Streamyx Account [14.11.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [14.11.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

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Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly [Sup3rC0w]


Artist: Kim Bo Kyung
Title: Suddenly
Album: N/A
Year: N/A
Info Source: N/A

Listen: Click here (Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly @YOUTUBE)
URL Text Format:

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Free Streamyx Account [27.10.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [27.10.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

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Daddy Yankee - Lovumba [Sup3rC0w]

Daddy Yankee - Lovumba
Artist: Daddy Yankee
Title: Lovumba
Album: Prestige
Year: 2012
Info Source: Wikipedia

Listen: Click here (Daddy Yankee - Lovumba @YouTube)
URL Text Format:

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"Daddy Yankee - Lovumba Video"
"Daddy Yankee - Lovumba Song"
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Free Streamyx Account [5.10.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [5.10.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

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Free Streamyx Account [29.9.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [29.9.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.
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"Finish it or you'll be finished"

sup3rc0w [11.6.2013]

.CDA File To MP3/WMA/WAV Convert CDA File

I just borrow a compact disc(CD) from my friend. What i planning to do is copy the songs in the whole CD to put on my computer(hardisk). But the problem is the file is .CDA format and the size showing each file(song) is around 1KB and some is 4KB. What kind of audio file only for that size?

So what i do is RIP them to your hardisk. How to rip CDA file? Here what i do:

1- Insert CD to your CD-ROM
2- Open your Windows Media Player(WMP)
3- On left pane of WMP, navigate/select your CD-ROM location(click to it).This will list the whole song in the CD.
4- Select song you want to convert/want to save to hardisk
5- Click "Rip CD" and wait untill ripping process is finish.
6- Open your "user_folder" > My Music > Unknown artist. The song file is now converted and stored there.

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Naruto Manga Episode 632 Read Online

On 29.5.2013 fans of Naruto can read Manga online at Mangareader. "Naruto Episode 632: Explosion". You can read here

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"Naruto Episode 632: Explosion"
"Naruto Read Online Manga Free"

Free Streamyx Account [23.5.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [23.5.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

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Blogger Post Comment Not Show

More problem with this template or i was accidently damage my own blog template. The problem is blogger post comment not show. I test with my own comment still not show. I cant see any comment under the post. By default for normal blog, comment is embedded under the post in blogspot. I cant see or read my visitor comment also my own comment. LOL

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"Blogger Post Not Showing Reader Comment"
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"Blogger Template Problem Hide Comment"

OpenDrive Free File Hosting

OpenDrive is one of the best free file hosting aver exist. Maybe you ever wonder how and where to keep or store your file online. Which you need to do backup purpose and share your file with everyone around the world. OpenDrive make those things easier.

NOTE: I talk about FREE USER situation

What make OpenDrive free file hosting is best is file only will deleted due 90 days of inactivity. Mean login or download. Simpe, if you signup for free user and you upload/store your file on OpenDrive, your file is safely stored and will be there 24/7 as OpenDrive statement. But if you are not login your account on OpenDrive or your file(you upload/store) not been download in 90 days period of time, your files will be deleted.

OpenDrive give you 90 days to avoid your files will be deleted. This lots of times comparing to the other file hosting. Normally other file hosting only give you 30 days for file will be deleted if you signup for FREE ACCOUNT ONLY.

You can signup for OpenDrive account here(OpenDrive)

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"Free File Hosting With Longest Inactivity"

Evanescence - My Immortal [Sup3rC0w]

Evanescence - My Immortal

Artist: Evanescence
Title: My Immortal
Album: Fallen
Year: 2003
Info Source: Wikipedia

Listen: Click here (Evanescence - My Immortal)
URL Text Format:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Crash Need Reinstall Windows

Non-stop problem with computer. This post i wrote on my BackTrack. Cant using my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit because of dumping error and blue screen error. This might be causing from virus or hardware fault. My hardisk start makin weird noises. What going to do? Most important backup is my firefox bookmark. How to get it from BackTrack?

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"My Windows 7 Ultimate Crashed"
"Dump error on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit"
"Need reinstall windows 7 ultimate 64-bit"
"Blue Screen on windows 7 ultimate 64-bit"

I need to make bootable pendrive and reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit again. This might be a few hours or couple days to finish all of it. Cant do blog until all fixed.

Read Naruto Manga 629 Episode

Long days i waiting for Naruto Manga new release. Everyday i check out Naruto Manga on MangaReader. Tired of checking, today on 10.5.2013 i noticed Naruto Manga released new episode 629 title Naruto 629 : Windhole on MangaReader. Read Naruto Manga 629 Episode here

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"Naruto Manga MangaReader"
"Naruto Manga 629 Released MangaReader"

sup3rc0w On 10.5.2013 3.43 AM

Few days before, im not update sup3rc0w because i got myself busy. Job, hang out and other reason just dont "let" me updating my blog. But for the result, i make optimizing on sup3rc0w. Hey, i just done editing sup3rc0w panel. Check it out dude,..

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"sup3rc0w complete editing blog panel"
"Optimizing sup3rc0w SEO begin"

Check out sup3rc0w more often. More information you will get here. I really hope every single post i published can make your life better :)

Gangnam Style on

Captcha  is one way solution to solve spam and double registration. Some word ask you to put combination of word and number in graphic provided. Here i snap a picture of "Gangnam style on" Gangnam Style captcha

"Related search:
"Gangnam style catcha on"
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"funny captcha"
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" gangnam style verification"

Paste your captcha on comment box. See what word verification could give meaning of something.

Editing Blogger Page Navigation

New task on sup3rc0w. I found i did not editing blogger page navigation yet. Hahaha. That make my blog look weird and newbie blog, freshy. Actually sup3rc0w is almost 2 years old already. Please read about sup3rc0w here

This is current view of sup3rc0w blogger page navigation bar:
sup3rc0w page navigation
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"Editing Blogger Page Navigation"
"Configuring blogger page navigation"
"Configuring blogger page navigation panel"
"Editing blogger pages
"Blogger new feature blogger page"

Hope sup3rc0w this new feature will help user and visitor enjoying most when reading sup3rc0w post. Editing Blogger Page Navigation on sup3rc0w begin!!!

sup3rc0w SEO Effect Amazing In One Hour

Im writing again about my SEO because im doing SEO on my blog. My task is improve SEO of sup3rc0w. This is not double post about SEO where my previous post is SEO My Blog sup3rc0w you can read there i post about 6.15 PM. Same day but about one hour after. This is the SEO effect i made to sup3rc0w.

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" Blogger SEO effectiveness"

sup3rc0w SEO one hour effect 6.15PM-7.18PM(picture taken)

That what i recorded under sup3rc0w changelog. I still doing SEO on my blog. My target is reaching page rank in Google :) so i need to work harder on that. Wish me luck

SEO My Blog sup3rc0w

Now what the next part is SEO-ing my blog. I found this template(johny super prett) currently im using is not really good SEO blogger template. The template i used before iGammer is more SEO-ing.. What to do, i already tweak and edit this blogger template a much a lot.

There is no turning back. Also i dont like much blog who change a lot of template. It confusing the readers. Let hope this template(johny super prett) can appear as loong in sup3rc0w.

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" SEO my blogger"
" Blogger SEO my blog"
" Good SEO for my blog"
" Turn existing blogger template into SEO template"
" Increase SEO of my blog"
" Make my blog SEO friendly"

Well. the SEO process on sup3rc0w with template "johny super prett" is begin!!!

sup3rc0w Ads Placement Finish

Whoaa!!! My pc clock now show 5.56AM and i from 2.20AM start editing my template on sup3rc0w. My setting is only about template which about ads placement. My ads are from Google AdSense and Nuffnang. Happy to get their ads working n sup3rc0w even still not getting any $ from them both :(

Here my screenshot of my blog:

sup3rc0w new look on 4.5.2013

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" sup3rc0w ads complete"
" sup3rc0w ads placement on new template"
" Finish editing template for ads"
" Good ads placement on blogger"
" Make blogger template ads friendly"

What to do now is solat then sleep. I need to wake up on about 10AM. Might by a call from my instructor. Get ready to work. Solat > smoke > drink > sleep. Set alarm to 9.45AM ready for on-call job.

Unboxing Acer Aspire One D270

Now for my task is "inspecting" Notebook Acer Aspire One D270-263KK. This is official brand and model name for notebook under program 1 Malaysia. I got 10 unit of them and still need to unbox it all.(i writing this post while i do unboxed Acer Aspire One D270)

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" Acer Aspire One D270"
" Unboxed Acer Aspire One 270-263KK"
" Laptop 1 Malaysia"
" Laptop Acer 1 Malaysia"
" Laptop 1 Malaysia Acer Aspire One"

These picture i snap from my DSLR(just got back from friend borrow went to London):
10 units Acer Aspire One

1 unit box Acer Aspire One

First tape strip

Box view with handler

Actual picture of box Acer Aspire One

First Unboxing

Notebook, battery, cable

Power plug, battery, charger

Image view of Acer Aspire One with sticker

First open Acer Aspire One

Come with manual
Done, That all the image i shoot. Later i will post more about unboxed when new items is arrived. The due date of those notebook is tomorrow Saturday (4.5.2013).

Every Google AdSense MUST Know This

Do you have your own blog? Do you ever sign with Google AdSense for ads and for earning purpose? No wonder if you are in correct publisher or advertiser, you already know this clearly or NOT? Google AdSense ads size is important part of your blog size and template also for strategic campaign.

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" Google AdSense ads size"
" Google AdSense available ads size"
" List of Google AdSense ads size"
" Sizing and placement of Google AdSense"
" Google AdSense for blogger"

To get know what available ads suit most for your blog, please click "guide to ad size" and "ads with sample size".Choose what size you desire,get code then place on your blog.

Configure sup3rc0w For Best Adsense Support Ads

Im planning on making this template "johny super prett" is Google Adsense Ads support ready.  9.12PM here and still not over 12 hours watching my blog template code. Still can see. I just need Eye Glo and mineral water also Marlboro. Then i all set up..

This template is quite diffucult to understand. Their code is already been compressed. Yeah, that good but it hard to look. System look is ok, for human eye like me, this is brutality :)

Verify Alexa On Blogger Tutorial

Alexa need to verify on my Blogger which claim my blog authentication. Mean Alexa need to confirm i am the owner of to hold right to edit,update and access with security phases. This give me no problem because i am the right owner who officially own under Google > Blogger.

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" How to verify Alexa on Blogger"
" Verify Alexa meta tag on blogger"
" Blogger verify Alexa meta tutorial"
" Verify Alexa on my blogger"
" Claim my blog on Alexa"

To verify Alexa on your blog, first you need to register with Alexa. This step is important and give more control feature to your Alexa dashboard. To sign up Alexa, you need to provide email address and password. This is not problem which you are preferred to register with same Blogger email(

Next is Alexa will let you choose which plan you would prefer. You can use "Alexa Free": Plans and Pricing
 Next is asking for you too insert address of your blog. For my case here, I type "".

Alexa add blog address
WHOA!!! Next is Alexa need you to verify the ownership. Mean you are the right owner and have access to claim that blog(address you type before) is your own. How to claim it? I use the way of adding meta tag. Here what i do. See image below:
Alexa meta tag
Copy the whole text from picture above(i red box) then paste under your <head> in your template. You can do this through "edit HTML" on your blogger function. Then back to your Alexa page, and claim/verify it. It should look like this:
Alexa Verify Done
 Now, im done register my sup3rc0w on hope this post could help you to solve your Alexa problem.

Blogger Widget No Remove Button

To all blogger who have problem with widget. This is quite annoying when you dont need that widget but you cannot remove it. How this possible when there is no "remove" button on that widget configuration. This will gonna tell you if you ever having a problem with removing widget on blogger.

Related keyword search:
" Blogger remove widget problem"
" No remove button on blogger widget"
" How to force remove blogger widget"
" Cannot remove blogger widget"

This is quite simple. The cause of "remove" button is disappear is because the "locked" function is true. So, to turn off lock/unlock this, just change the word "true" to word "false". I did this through editing blogger template/HTML.

Another way to solve this, please share. To continue with my method, you can watch the video i made to solve this problem.

sup3rc0w Contact Information

If you have a question, comment, suggestion and anything you want to share, please let me know. Here about my contact, you can reach me through:


For IM, please buzz me with Google Talk(GTalk ) later Facebook Chat(FB Chat)

What i share above is to get connected with all my blog readers. Keep in touch and dont forget to subscribe a feed on my blog :D

Alice Cooper - Poison [Sup3rC0w]

Alice Cooper - Poison
Artist: Alice Cooper
Title: Poison
Album: Trash
Year: 1989
Info Source: Wikipedia

Listen: Click here (Alice Cooper - Poison)
URL Text Format:

sup3rc0w Launch New Label "Playlist" AKA "sup3rc0w Playlist"

sup3rc0w now launch "sup3rc0w playlist" under label called "playlist". This playlist is to share what song i love to listen. For this time im going to integrate with SoundCloud. Please register with Facebook account or your gmail to continue use SoundCloud. This will give more feature for you as registered user of SoundCloud.
YouTube & Soundcloud
 Basically, SoundCloud is a new platform allow user around the world share their mostly song. For now, SoundCloud only support song/mp3 format. For video cases, please use YouTube unbeatable platform for video sharing. Since YouTube was bought by Google, YouTube is now integrate with your ready Gmail and specially to your Google+.

For sup3rc0w visitor, this feature specially brought to you for relaxing and enjoying the web. Check out first song under sup3rc0w playlist.

About sup3rc0w

Late 2007, my home subscribe an internet. That was first moment i enjoys surfing. Downloading was the first stage. Yup, songs and videos while others do the same. Month later "move" to seek information. Search, read and understand is a part of it.

Information will never stop increasing and will forever exist: [new or old]. Learn how to use Google search engine properly. Understand how search engine[mostly Google] work.

No stop for accessing the information, according to people how they use it wisely life-go with their style, purpose, need and desire. Have nothing special in IT field but i keep searching, use it.

What is all about sup3rc0w is trying to help you get information. Most important and one stop solution. Please check out my blog  and leave response to help me accomplish sup3rc0w mission.

Sup3rc0w Start On Applying New Template

This information will be archive, So i add to this post about my blogger previous template.

My template at the same time im writing this post:
My previous sup3rc0w template(iGaming Blogger Template)
Today sup3rc0w will get a now look. Why i am changing into new template? Here my reasons are:

1- New look mean new concept
2- I change my blogging style a bit
3- To reach blogging standard,uniform my post(past & future)
4- I noticed my current template having a problem(after tweaked by me) :D
5- More support about resolution,width and height.
6- Anymore reason i cant remember at this time :P

So, next after this post, i will applying new template. See ya around. Sorry if this ruin your mood to visit my blog. Please, Sup3rc0w will be more entertain you. Provide you information what im going to share. Sorry and TQ

Win $4000 From Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013

Samsung offer a chance to win $4000 for memory game their hold contest. What you need to do is click the picture and match it. Match with the same picture. Two picture must be paired but remember,all you need to is not only paring picture but to be fast as fast you can. Currently the fastest record might be winner is by time 13 seconds. Beat it to win a Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013 for $4000

Here what contest look like:

Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013 Contest
Good luck on that. Im feel happy if you could comment your ranking here(time taken)

P/S: Please share $4000..he3

Free Web Hosting From JoberBox

Good news for all blogger and anyone who plan to have own website. JoberBox now offering absolutely free web hosting.

Related Post under:
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Free web hosting with unlimited bandwith
Free web hosting with 10GB file storage

If you want to grab this chance, please simply register at JoberBox now. Just fill the form required then JoberBox will send you a confirmation email to your inbox. Use that given username and password to login to you CPanel.

 What features JoberBox gives you:

UNLIMITED bandwith
10GB web file storage
and many more advantages!!!

Get you free web hosting now at JoberBox

NOTE: You need a domain name to integrate to your JoberBox web hosting. Domain name is cheap as RM35/year(estimate). So,you dont even need a calculator to math the total cost.

Money Cant Buy Happiness

"Money cant buy happiness, cash perhaps"

sup3rc0w [24.4.2013]

Two Weeks Busy Repairing PC

This is about fourth day im in task for reparing PC for societies i work under..For the second task i need to repair 5 PC and 4 printer. Still work on that :D

The most difficult part is those PC is bit old and not even similar with my own.The problem is due to compatibility and support. CD drive is not working need to use mine. Im plug out my hardisk drive about 30 times coz change hardisk. Most PC come with BIOS password. That another problem. It suck and boring like hell. This task remind me when i was Form 5

"sup3rc0w Orange"

Im just thinking, must i let sup3rc0w use orange color? i like to try something new but orange color is also good for me..what else color you prefer?

Orange color meet default blogger color. That the reason i  use orange. i'll try mimicking blogger :P
See how nice blog will be.

P/s: Now im looking for background image to put behind the widget

Blogger Dont Track My Own Pageviews

For all blogger out there, i just share what i know about blogger statistic or blogger pageviews.

What the reason to do this?
Easy,more accurate result. For example, if you published post title "Today Visitor" on today and next week you want to know how many visitor visit YOUR BLOG for effectiveness of your post. Then this method do the job. It will exclude your own pageview. Still check for everyone except you.

So, if you regularly visit your own blog or blog post, the number of pageviews is excluding your visit. Mean your very visitor.

Here how to set blogger dont track your own pageviews:

On your blogger dashboard, Overview > More stats

Click dont track your on pageviews as picture above

Recognized by WB version and more. Might be different with yours
Hope this will help you on blogging way.

Semak Permohonan BR1M 2.0

Kepada sesiapa yang masih belum mendapat sumbangan BR1M 2.0 boleh menyemak status permohonan di talian 1-800-88-2716.

Saya baru saja telefon ke nombor itu untuk menyemak status permohonan saya. Cuma cakap dengan operator nak semak status BR1M. Operator akan minta no kad pengenalan(IC) untuk membuat semakan.

Status permohonan BR1M 2.0 saya= Diluluskan  :D

"sup3rc0w" Begin Setup New Template [18.4.2013]

"Sup3rc0w" is now start on "New Template Project" on 18.4.2013. I planning on change blog template because a few reasons:

1- The widget got problem
2- Found better support for new template
3- Found new clean, nice and awesome template
4- Make more easy for reader
5- New "system" will created and more systematic

Hope everything going smooth and wish me luck on this :D

"Sup3rc0w New Template Project" begin!!!

NOTE: sup3rc0w still running as usual and it will not affecting blog reading. For later report, i will update it under label "Changelog". Please check it regularly if you facing a problem with my blog. TQ

AdSense Low Bandwidth Problem [SOLVED]

A few days ago, my Google AdSense dashboard goes to mobile version. This problem bother me to monitor my AdSense statistic. But after a few research and test out, i found a solution. Here what im done:

1- Open your Firefox(or other WB)
2- Go to "Add-ons"
3- Disable "Adblock Plus"
4- Refresh AdSense or restart WB

Or you can just watch the short video to solve your problem

Hope this will solve your too..please leave a comment if this did not work on you. TQ

50K Viewer On sup3rc0w

OMG!!! Thanks for all viewer who gave visit on my blog. As the title of this post, sup3rc0w just got 50K of viewers. Here i make a screenshot for this history:

50K viewers on sup3rc0w
This one of my goal to reach 50K of viewers.. Now i want to move one more step ahead by reach 100K next. TQ for all visitor. This give me a reason to keep writing and i know people appreciate and valued my writing tilll now. TQ again.

[SOLVED] AdSense Disappear Temporarily Blocked

When i woke up at 10, i quickly view my blog. Then i can see Ads from AdSense was returned. Ha3.
Last i see my adsense is on September 2012(like that)

Here what my sup3rc0w look like now with adsense:

AdSense return
Now i hope this ads give me help with statistic and some earning for my writing.TQ to visitor

Check Capped Streamyx Connection

NOTE: This post is just to share what i know and does not mean i expert in that field.TQ

For who reading this post,title below might make a sense:

how to check my capped internet connection
how to know my capped Streamyx connection
how much Streamyx capped my internet connection
check my Streamyx speed limit

NOTE: I use the word capped/limit is the same thing/meaning.

This post might help you to answer your own question

"i used 4MB Streamyx account but when i run a speedtest, it only show 2MB. WHY??"

First, i gonna tell you about my understanding about Streamyx capping speed. Streamyx use internet capping for all their customer. Mean,if you use Streamyx, your internet connection is capped. That is why Streamyx offer several package. Here some of Streamyx package your should know:

Streamyx Package
For easy to catch up, you should know what package you subscribe. For example if you subscribe package RM140/month, that mean your internet speed is 4MB for download and 512KB for upload speed. If you notice the upload speed is not reach 1MB. That it!!!

I dont want go further detail about Streamyx in this post. So, i make it quick. Now, to check how much speed Streamyx capped you is:

1- Open you web browser(firefox/chrome)
P/S: Internet Explorer? you're joking right?
For example you use firefox as your browser
2- At firefox address, type this default local ip address "" and login with your username and password

See screenshot below:

Router Login

3- If you got access to the router, you can see about connection status. Screenshot below is what mine(might be different interface if different brand or model)

Streamyx Capping Limit

As you can see from image above,what i box mean:

"Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 509" is my upload capping speed
"Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 5119" is my download capping speed.

Capping speed is most important part of Streamyx connection and i think Streamyx user have to know and must be told about this to avoid technical or connection speed problem.

Worst Blogger Style Facebook Like Popup

NOTE: Sorry to make this clear, i published this post under "Information" category.

What happen to new style of blogger today is force visitor to like their Facebook Pages for some reason. I wonder the reasons is:

1- to get drastic Facebook Fans
2- one of their SEO strategy(i bet it worst)
3- product selling
4- community reason
5- back linking 

Another reasons come more after..Good to be fine for FB like popup is set displayed under 10 seconds. First let see the screenshot im taken from someone blog:

See how much time to wait to get rid of  that Facebook like popup. 833 seconds is time i take the screenshot..actually is about 999 seconds like that. This make that blog "terrible". In this case,i leave that blog and search the content on Google. This is such annoying thing.

NOTE: this post is about my self opinion and sorry if i dont make it clear enough to write what i actually mean.

Streamyx New DNS Server

When i reconfigured my Streamyx connection, i do a DNS setting. For the reason my connection seem not stable like before. I try to find what caused this.

After some tweaks,i set to get DNS from "WAN Interface" mean auto from ISP.. What the new thing is my ISP give me primary DNS server and secondary DNS server

Streamyx New DNS Server

This is nothing and i just change to have DNS server from Google.

Free Streamyx Account [14.4.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [14.4.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

10 Minutes

"10 minutes you throw away your emotional feeling, it mean 10 minutes you give opportunity to someone"

sup3rc0w [13.4.2013]


"Charisma is not just about personality plus talent but it also the way on how you treat stranger"

sup3rc0w [12.4.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [12.4.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [12.4.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.



Spam Email For Facebook

Today, its not weird for one person have more than one Facebook account. What are the reason,whatever it is, someone know the answer. But this post is not actually reveal the purpose and motive having more than one Facebook account. This post is just how to spam Facebook account.

Spam Facebook Account

For registering Facebook, it need valid email for confirmation which Facebook will send the confirmation email to the email we type.So this is such a problem. We cannot brute force the email address.

Need for valid email address easily and save time from fill up the information:

 Click to go at sharklasers(

From that website,you can instantly get working email address which can be used to sign up for Facebook account. Just sign up Facebook like the normal process.


After verified the Facebook confirmation email, you can save the email address for later use to login into Facebook.

Update You Java Plugin Now

If you experiencing Java Plugin has been disabled by default, you can fix it now. How to know your Java Plugin have a problem? Check it now:

Click "Firefox" tab > Add-ons > Plugins

Check your Java Plugin is run normally or not. It maybe because of the version. Whatever for security reason, Firefox will disable it by default. This waiting for new release or update then when confirmed, it will available again to the user.

Simply update here(Java download)

My Doodle Jump High Score

This is only for my memorial thing. No other place to store and secure it. Just for fun. Reply me your high score too.

My Doodle Jump i played on Android actually Samsung Galaxy Mini. My highest score is 350,216..Here some proof:

My Ikan Kelah

Ikan kelah yang saya bela.Dalam akuarium ini ada:

2 ekor Kelah Bara dari Sungai Tembat(Terengganu) [26.5.2012]
2 ekor Kelah Bara dari Royal Belum(Perak) [27.7.2012]
2 ekor Kelah Biru dari Sungai Tembat (Terengganu) [18.6.2012]
1 ekor Kelah Merah dari Batu 28 (Perak) [16.6.2012]
1 ekor Kelah Merah dari Batu 22 (Perak) [Januari 2012]
1 ekor Tengas dari Batu 22 (Perak) [Januari 2012] #buat teman kelah kecil
1 ekor ikan bandaran #pekerja [2013] #kadang2 senang mati juga jenis ni

Ikan saiz akuarium saja. Standard saiz saya bela 8-10 inci saja. Besar tak muat akuarium pula. Nanti mau tambah lagi 2 ekor dari Gua Musang pula


"If you got money, you're the boss. If you got cash, you're the king"

sup3rc0w [10.4.2013]

Naruto Manga 627 Read Online [10 April 2013]

Huge fans of Naruto!!! now can read new released manga episode 627 at Magareader. You can read it online by clicking here(Mangareader)

Naruto 627 : Sasuke's Answer released on 10 April 2013

Slow And Unstable Streamyx Connection

Yesterday i get my internet working again after a few weeks my account were suspended and port problem. But after internet is ok,still not good for speed and browsing experience. My Streamyx connection seem like slow and unstable. Even i couldn't finish download video from YouTube even size is around 70MB.

So after a few test and problem checking, i found the vital part is about my DNS. On my modem configuration, i set manual DNS where i used default Streamyx DNS. Time has change a lot. Before the default Streamyx DNS is ok but now it is terrible. Im stuck at unstable internet connection.

Streamyx Default DNS i set is:(caused problem for now)

What i do is set DNS automatically so it through:
WAN Interface selected=pvc_quick_setup/ppp0

And p00f,the problem is solved. Currently my Streamyx connection is OK just like before the problem occur.

Java Plugin On BackTrack 5 R3

When i try downloading video from KeepVid,i found my BT does not have java plugin installed. So, i carried out some action to get it done.

Here what i do:

On Terminal(as root if required) type: java -version

and you should see the version of java you are currently using. Mine was:

java version "1.6.0_24"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11.5) (6b24-1.11.5-0ubuntu1~10.04.2)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.0-b12, mixed mode)

From that output, we could know the IcedTea version currently installed on the system. What need to do is install latest and reconfigured through this command: sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin

Restart your firefox and to check either java plugin is working right go here=

My Murai Batu [14.3.2013]

Tanggal 14.3.2013 dapat murai baru..Ganti yang kena curi dulu. Sekarang cuma ada seekor saja. Nanti nak tambah lagi. Kali ini dapat yang baru siap bulu. Anak muda lagi ini. Meluruh buat kali pertama. My murai batu: