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Check Capped Streamyx Connection

NOTE: This post is just to share what i know and does not mean i expert in that field.TQ

For who reading this post,title below might make a sense:

how to check my capped internet connection
how to know my capped Streamyx connection
how much Streamyx capped my internet connection
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NOTE: I use the word capped/limit is the same thing/meaning.

This post might help you to answer your own question

"i used 4MB Streamyx account but when i run a speedtest, it only show 2MB. WHY??"

First, i gonna tell you about my understanding about Streamyx capping speed. Streamyx use internet capping for all their customer. Mean,if you use Streamyx, your internet connection is capped. That is why Streamyx offer several package. Here some of Streamyx package your should know:

Streamyx Package
For easy to catch up, you should know what package you subscribe. For example if you subscribe package RM140/month, that mean your internet speed is 4MB for download and 512KB for upload speed. If you notice the upload speed is not reach 1MB. That it!!!

I dont want go further detail about Streamyx in this post. So, i make it quick. Now, to check how much speed Streamyx capped you is:

1- Open you web browser(firefox/chrome)
P/S: Internet Explorer? you're joking right?
For example you use firefox as your browser
2- At firefox address, type this default local ip address "" and login with your username and password

See screenshot below:

Router Login

3- If you got access to the router, you can see about connection status. Screenshot below is what mine(might be different interface if different brand or model)

Streamyx Capping Limit

As you can see from image above,what i box mean:

"Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 509" is my upload capping speed
"Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 5119" is my download capping speed.

Capping speed is most important part of Streamyx connection and i think Streamyx user have to know and must be told about this to avoid technical or connection speed problem.


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