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sup3rc0w Launch New Label "Playlist" AKA "sup3rc0w Playlist"

sup3rc0w now launch "sup3rc0w playlist" under label called "playlist". This playlist is to share what song i love to listen. For this time im going to integrate with SoundCloud. Please register with Facebook account or your gmail to continue use SoundCloud. This will give more feature for you as registered user of SoundCloud.
YouTube & Soundcloud
 Basically, SoundCloud is a new platform allow user around the world share their mostly song. For now, SoundCloud only support song/mp3 format. For video cases, please use YouTube unbeatable platform for video sharing. Since YouTube was bought by Google, YouTube is now integrate with your ready Gmail and specially to your Google+.

For sup3rc0w visitor, this feature specially brought to you for relaxing and enjoying the web. Check out first song under sup3rc0w playlist.


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