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Blogger Dont Track My Own Pageviews

For all blogger out there, i just share what i know about blogger statistic or blogger pageviews.

What the reason to do this?
Easy,more accurate result. For example, if you published post title "Today Visitor" on today and next week you want to know how many visitor visit YOUR BLOG for effectiveness of your post. Then this method do the job. It will exclude your own pageview. Still check for everyone except you.

So, if you regularly visit your own blog or blog post, the number of pageviews is excluding your visit. Mean your very visitor.

Here how to set blogger dont track your own pageviews:

On your blogger dashboard, Overview > More stats

Click dont track your on pageviews as picture above

Recognized by WB version and more. Might be different with yours
Hope this will help you on blogging way.


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