.CDA File To MP3/WMA/WAV Convert CDA File

I just borrow a compact disc(CD) from my friend. What i planning to do is copy the songs in the whole CD to put on my computer(hardisk). But the problem is the file is .CDA format and the size showing each file(song) is around 1KB and some is 4KB. What kind of audio file only for that size?

So what i do is RIP them to your hardisk. How to rip CDA file? Here what i do:

1- Insert CD to your CD-ROM
2- Open your Windows Media Player(WMP)
3- On left pane of WMP, navigate/select your CD-ROM location(click to it).This will list the whole song in the CD.
4- Select song you want to convert/want to save to hardisk
5- Click "Rip CD" and wait untill ripping process is finish.
6- Open your "user_folder" > My Music > Unknown artist. The song file is now converted and stored there.

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Naruto Manga Episode 632 Read Online

On 29.5.2013 fans of Naruto can read Manga online at Mangareader. "Naruto Episode 632: Explosion". You can read here

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Free Streamyx Account [23.5.2013]

Free Streamyx Account [23.5.2013]

Click link below for Free Streamyx Account:

NOTE: Sorry make thing difficult. I prefer to use Pastebin for the security reason and some privacy option. I apologize for the mistake.

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Blogger Post Comment Not Show

More problem with this template or i was accidently damage my own blog template. The problem is blogger post comment not show. I test with my own comment still not show. I cant see any comment under the post. By default for normal blog, comment is embedded under the post in blogspot. I cant see or read my visitor comment also my own comment. LOL

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OpenDrive Free File Hosting

OpenDrive is one of the best free file hosting aver exist. Maybe you ever wonder how and where to keep or store your file online. Which you need to do backup purpose and share your file with everyone around the world. OpenDrive make those things easier.

NOTE: I talk about FREE USER situation

What make OpenDrive free file hosting is best is file only will deleted due 90 days of inactivity. Mean login or download. Simpe, if you signup for free user and you upload/store your file on OpenDrive, your file is safely stored and will be there 24/7 as OpenDrive statement. But if you are not login your account on OpenDrive or your file(you upload/store) not been download in 90 days period of time, your files will be deleted.

OpenDrive give you 90 days to avoid your files will be deleted. This lots of times comparing to the other file hosting. Normally other file hosting only give you 30 days for file will be deleted if you signup for FREE ACCOUNT ONLY.

You can signup for OpenDrive account here(OpenDrive)

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Evanescence - My Immortal [Sup3rC0w]

Evanescence - My Immortal

Artist: Evanescence
Title: My Immortal
Album: Fallen
Year: 2003
Info Source: Wikipedia

Listen: Click here (Evanescence - My Immortal)
URL Text Format: http://soundcloud.com/hamnia/evanescence-my-immortal

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Crash Need Reinstall Windows

Non-stop problem with computer. This post i wrote on my BackTrack. Cant using my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit because of dumping error and blue screen error. This might be causing from virus or hardware fault. My hardisk start makin weird noises. What going to do? Most important backup is my firefox bookmark. How to get it from BackTrack?

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I need to make bootable pendrive and reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit again. This might be a few hours or couple days to finish all of it. Cant do blog until all fixed.

Read Naruto Manga 629 Episode

Long days i waiting for Naruto Manga new release. Everyday i check out Naruto Manga on MangaReader. Tired of checking, today on 10.5.2013 i noticed Naruto Manga released new episode 629 title Naruto 629 : Windhole on MangaReader. Read Naruto Manga 629 Episode here

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sup3rc0w On 10.5.2013 3.43 AM

Few days before, im not update sup3rc0w because i got myself busy. Job, hang out and other reason just dont "let" me updating my blog. But for the result, i make optimizing on sup3rc0w. Hey, i just done editing sup3rc0w panel. Check it out dude,..

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Check out sup3rc0w more often. More information you will get here. I really hope every single post i published can make your life better :)

Gangnam Style on Jiwang.org

Captcha  is one way solution to solve spam and double registration. Some word ask you to put combination of word and number in graphic provided. Here i snap a picture of "Gangnam style on Jiwang.org"

Jiwang.org Gangnam Style captcha

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Paste your captcha on comment box. See what word verification could give meaning of something.

Editing Blogger Page Navigation

New task on sup3rc0w. I found i did not editing blogger page navigation yet. Hahaha. That make my blog look weird and newbie blog, freshy. Actually sup3rc0w is almost 2 years old already. Please read about sup3rc0w here

This is current view of sup3rc0w blogger page navigation bar:
sup3rc0w page navigation
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Hope sup3rc0w this new feature will help user and visitor enjoying most when reading sup3rc0w post. Editing Blogger Page Navigation on sup3rc0w begin!!!

sup3rc0w SEO Effect Amazing In One Hour

Im writing again about my SEO because im doing SEO on my blog. My task is improve SEO of sup3rc0w. This is not double post about SEO where my previous post is SEO My Blog sup3rc0w you can read there i post about 6.15 PM. Same day but about one hour after. This is the SEO effect i made to sup3rc0w.

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sup3rc0w SEO one hour effect 6.15PM-7.18PM(picture taken)

That what i recorded under sup3rc0w changelog. I still doing SEO on my blog. My target is reaching page rank in Google :) so i need to work harder on that. Wish me luck

SEO My Blog sup3rc0w

Now what the next part is SEO-ing my blog. I found this template(johny super prett) currently im using is not really good SEO blogger template. The template i used before iGammer is more SEO-ing.. What to do, i already tweak and edit this blogger template a much a lot.

There is no turning back. Also i dont like much blog who change a lot of template. It confusing the readers. Let hope this template(johny super prett) can appear as loong in sup3rc0w.

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Well. the SEO process on sup3rc0w with template "johny super prett" is begin!!!

sup3rc0w Ads Placement Finish

Whoaa!!! My pc clock now show 5.56AM and i from 2.20AM start editing my template on sup3rc0w. My setting is only about template which about ads placement. My ads are from Google AdSense and Nuffnang. Happy to get their ads working n sup3rc0w even still not getting any $ from them both :(

Here my screenshot of my blog:

sup3rc0w new look on 4.5.2013

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What to do now is solat then sleep. I need to wake up on about 10AM. Might by a call from my instructor. Get ready to work. Solat > smoke > drink > sleep. Set alarm to 9.45AM ready for on-call job.

Unboxing Acer Aspire One D270

Now for my task is "inspecting" Notebook Acer Aspire One D270-263KK. This is official brand and model name for notebook under program 1 Malaysia. I got 10 unit of them and still need to unbox it all.(i writing this post while i do unboxed Acer Aspire One D270)

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These picture i snap from my DSLR(just got back from friend borrow went to London):
10 units Acer Aspire One

1 unit box Acer Aspire One

First tape strip

Box view with handler

Actual picture of box Acer Aspire One

First Unboxing

Notebook, battery, cable

Power plug, battery, charger

Image view of Acer Aspire One with sticker

First open Acer Aspire One

Come with manual
Done, That all the image i shoot. Later i will post more about unboxed when new items is arrived. The due date of those notebook is tomorrow Saturday (4.5.2013).

Every Google AdSense MUST Know This

Do you have your own blog? Do you ever sign with Google AdSense for ads and for earning purpose? No wonder if you are in correct publisher or advertiser, you already know this clearly or NOT? Google AdSense ads size is important part of your blog size and template also for strategic campaign.

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To get know what available ads suit most for your blog, please click "guide to ad size" and "ads with sample size".Choose what size you desire,get code then place on your blog.