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Unboxing Acer Aspire One D270

Now for my task is "inspecting" Notebook Acer Aspire One D270-263KK. This is official brand and model name for notebook under program 1 Malaysia. I got 10 unit of them and still need to unbox it all.(i writing this post while i do unboxed Acer Aspire One D270)

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These picture i snap from my DSLR(just got back from friend borrow went to London):
10 units Acer Aspire One

1 unit box Acer Aspire One

First tape strip

Box view with handler

Actual picture of box Acer Aspire One

First Unboxing

Notebook, battery, cable

Power plug, battery, charger

Image view of Acer Aspire One with sticker

First open Acer Aspire One

Come with manual
Done, That all the image i shoot. Later i will post more about unboxed when new items is arrived. The due date of those notebook is tomorrow Saturday (4.5.2013).


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