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.CDA File To MP3/WMA/WAV Convert CDA File

I just borrow a compact disc(CD) from my friend. What i planning to do is copy the songs in the whole CD to put on my computer(hardisk). But the problem is the file is .CDA format and the size showing each file(song) is around 1KB and some is 4KB. What kind of audio file only for that size?

So what i do is RIP them to your hardisk. How to rip CDA file? Here what i do:

1- Insert CD to your CD-ROM
2- Open your Windows Media Player(WMP)
3- On left pane of WMP, navigate/select your CD-ROM location(click to it).This will list the whole song in the CD.
4- Select song you want to convert/want to save to hardisk
5- Click "Rip CD" and wait untill ripping process is finish.
6- Open your "user_folder" > My Music > Unknown artist. The song file is now converted and stored there.

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