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OpenDrive Free File Hosting

OpenDrive is one of the best free file hosting aver exist. Maybe you ever wonder how and where to keep or store your file online. Which you need to do backup purpose and share your file with everyone around the world. OpenDrive make those things easier.

NOTE: I talk about FREE USER situation

What make OpenDrive free file hosting is best is file only will deleted due 90 days of inactivity. Mean login or download. Simpe, if you signup for free user and you upload/store your file on OpenDrive, your file is safely stored and will be there 24/7 as OpenDrive statement. But if you are not login your account on OpenDrive or your file(you upload/store) not been download in 90 days period of time, your files will be deleted.

OpenDrive give you 90 days to avoid your files will be deleted. This lots of times comparing to the other file hosting. Normally other file hosting only give you 30 days for file will be deleted if you signup for FREE ACCOUNT ONLY.

You can signup for OpenDrive account here(OpenDrive)

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