Yoo Mee

Name: Yoo Mee
Email: Kacts00@gmail.com
Gender: Male
Country: Malaysia
State: Censored
BOD: 12 Sept 1990

Motto: Something new every day

Hobby: hangout, gaming, watching movie, surfing internet
Field of Interest: Gags, Computer, New information, Experience, Entertainment, Enjoyable stuff

Field of Expert: Sit on chair & have some tea

Personality: Talk a lots in certain time, able to entertain others and myself, not really good listener but i quite like to hear what happen on someone, like to think why and what. Dont like share picture of myself. Dont like to be tagged on FB about my face. On internet i dont like to be known,better stays anonymous and stealth.

Hopes: Learn how to swim and swimming with orca. Have picture with orca, put on frame and make every Soc. profile picture. I hopes i die in Syahid.


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