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Slow And Unstable Streamyx Connection

Yesterday i get my internet working again after a few weeks my account were suspended and port problem. But after internet is ok,still not good for speed and browsing experience. My Streamyx connection seem like slow and unstable. Even i couldn't finish download video from YouTube even size is around 70MB.

So after a few test and problem checking, i found the vital part is about my DNS. On my modem configuration, i set manual DNS where i used default Streamyx DNS. Time has change a lot. Before the default Streamyx DNS is ok but now it is terrible. Im stuck at unstable internet connection.

Streamyx Default DNS i set is:(caused problem for now)

What i do is set DNS automatically so it through:
WAN Interface selected=pvc_quick_setup/ppp0

And p00f,the problem is solved. Currently my Streamyx connection is OK just like before the problem occur.


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