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Disable Angels Online Auto Snapshot

For me,this is kind of annoying feature. What they do? You can check your game directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online\cap" you can see much,many picture files taken automactically when your character is dead.

This is actually done by angel baby(ALT+R). If you no wake up your angel baby, this snapshot will not be taken/captured. A good question WTH i only need play Angels Online with angel baby feature disabled. What purpose of built-in game bot then?

To answer your question, there a few ways to help you:

1- Reverse engineering
You edit the certain code do to your game. You need a debugger to help you with this. Use your mind,creativity,knowledge and of course you also need Google. Sorry, i will not explain the detail here. This is beyond illegal. Even if you can do this, i suggest you to not very proud because your action might be detected. So, i'm suggesting: edit and defend/cover your tracks

2- Disable write access permission
This way is more safe and easy to apply. To do this, you need administrator access which allow you to change file authorization/attribution. Let do it:

NOTE: Tested on NTFS only because i use cacls
1- Open your command prompt(Windows+R>cmd)
2- Navigate to your Angels Online directory by exec this command cd /D "C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online"
3- Next exec this command cacls cap /D EVERYONE

You're done. Your \cap folder is no longer accessible by client. What you just did? Read Google again :D
You just denied all level of authorization to edit that folder. You can check another syntax by exec this in cmd cacls /?

#!Another way/trick of yours, please comment

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