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Screenshot Software For Angels Online

If you noticed, Angels Online game have screenshot feature itself. This function is quickly same with Windows screenshot built in application with command key "Print Screen" usually located above "Insert" key and after 'F12" key. Different keyboard brand and model maybe vary. In Angels Online game window, if you press Print Scrint key, it will save your whole Angels Online window to "cap" folder or like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online\cap".

Here i recommend you to use very useful software called "Gadwin PrintScreen". Frankly also use this and it help a lot. Save my time and much better than default Angels Online printscreen function.

What Gadwin PrintScreen offers:
1- Freeware
2- Not only for Angels Online
3- Can choose to snap window,fullscreen,specific area
4- Auto save to directory we set
5- Auto rename format
And much more.

For more information, just check out their website at Gadwin and for Gadwin PrintScreen

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