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Play With RobotData In Angels Online

This tutorial is for some friend asking me to write about it. I knew this trick well and i suppose to share it right huh,..

Before i begin, i shall tell you how they work. Figured this, if you know how the system work, u master it better. There more u can get. Thrust me with this. Heeyaa :D

I cant tell u specifically here and plus i not sure of it by technically depth.

How auto delete item work?
Simple! They same as memory since they used memory like all other application used. They do read,write,view as goes for the other file. So,this is how they work. But since u cannot force itself(client) to update it, doesn't mean u cant do that. Yes, still u can do in another way.

How another way? (by let system update it)
This is common and secured way and "legal" maybe to update the "resources". We called it resources because that is for what system need and needed to run. You mess with resources, it give u significantly result based on what you are doing.

Here the trick
1- Angel baby
Since AO provide you a legal bot. Just use that and maximum it use by "exploiting" it
2- RobotData (C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online\save\data)
It still on client sided. So no need to work hard. I mean u already have it under your fully access to that file.
3- Client coding itself
Of course game client itself load resources,file and data to get working. This give you advantage to just let let it. Simple than ever (natural coding style)

I provide step here by screenshot and explanation:

1- In game
Login you character as usual then see what item to auto use/click and what to delete.

Bring up your angel baby window by pressing ALT+R

Angels Online Assist for auto use/click
Insert your item for auto use/click. This can save time for you to click on that box.

Angels Online Supply to add item
After that box opened,you can see you got a few item from that box. They will be on your inventory. Next what you need to do is add your item to the list.

Angels Online Discard listed items
Next you only set "discard" for item you listed. It will auto discard for what you set for them to do with. If you make mistake, you can always remove it from listed.

OK. Now you know how to handle in game right,but how possible if you want to apply that setting for your another character? The answer is "ROBOTDATA"

2-In Windows Explorer
Kindly open your game directory. and navigate to "/data". Here some example of game directory. May be different
1- C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online\save\data
2- C:\Program Files\Angels Love Online\save\data

You may see 3 type of file
1- Stall file (e.g=05my_vend.txt)
2- Quest file (e.g=Quest_5_login_charname.data)
3- RobotData (e.g=RobotData_5_login_charname.data) #this what you need

You need to understand the their format/coding style to deal with. Here the example RobotData name:


From that name, you can know the login id is "text1" and char name is "text2". Still not get it? let i test myself.

Scenario 1: (test example)
my login is "blogku"
my password is "passku"
my char name is "charku"

So here RobotData file name should be:

NOTE: You see,password is not need for RobotData filename for security and privacy reason. Only needed is ID and Char_name.

If you done making your RobotData as mastercopy, save it to another place for backup reason. If you want to apply to another char,paste/replace to /data directory and rename it.

NOTE: Make sure you logout your related char before editing. If not they will not work. For character you not going to edit,just let it stay in game. It will not affect them.

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