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AO Golding With NEB (Newbie Experience Ball)

This guide tell you how to make east and fast gold for game Angels Online(AO). Here of my concept:

1- Grab a chances
You see and think what game feature offer you. Then you come a way to exploit it to turn that into your own advantage/profit

2- Maximizing
 Nothing wasted! If your PC support 16 clients, do open it all. As far i am concern,dont just open to do nothing. At least do thing can give you in return. Think!!

We know NEB (Newbie Experience Ball) is almost "free/gratis". If you come up with money, you just buy from player. Before i forgot, NEB can be called most two options:

It does not contain any skill experience point stored

It contain full at maximum capacity of skill experience point allowed to stored

Another difficult and very rare case, NEB with a few/half skill experience point stored. I don't know what they call, you name it and price it yourself.

What you need to do:
1- Make new char with skill: axe,sword,finesse,assault,avatar,garment(anything that easy skilled)
2- Level up your char to lvl 80 and/or below.
3- Equipped with axe/sword both hand
4- Go to Free Terra/Free Secret Area and kill One Eyed Bat Terra and Evil Slarm

Here you can learn by screenshot:

See mobs around. Add to list to attack it
Equip your NEB
Set your angel baby like this(suggestion only)
Set attack tab like this(suggestion only)

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