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Angels Online Client Data File Explaination

Hello again!

If you play Angels Online game, you MUST have working client with your own directory(location). For example,my AO directory is on Program Files on Local Disk C. Here mine:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online"

Inside that directory also you can see 4 folder name:
1- cap
2- save
3- update
4- zdata

Inside "\save" directory, you can see a few folders name:

1- cfg
2- data
3-  pic

So for this post, my working directory like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Angels Love Online\save\data"

Through that, you can see they're 3 kinds of file/format and explain below:

1- 05charname   #charname is your character name
This file contain data about your stall/vend. To play with this file,you must know how their format and how they work. This is generated by system in game but you are capable to edit them again as long you know how it work. Their format is like this:

NOTE: Ignore blue text. It just explaination

[SELL]   #type of transaction.this case,i selling
ID1 = 1399440601   #generated by system+server(1st layer)
ID2 = 677371200  
#generated by system+server(2nd layer) 
Num = 1   #quantity
Price = 2000000   #price/amount

#type of transaction.this case,i buying
ID1 = 1399440591   #generated by system+server(2nd layer)
ID2 = 677370973    #generated by system+server(2nd layer)
Num = 1   #quantity
Price = 1000000

2- Quest_5_charid_charname.data   #charid=loginID & charname=character name in game
This contain data about your character configuration of your quest(ALT+Q). What quest you check/uncheck,quest you take,etc..about quest

3- RobotData_5_charid_charname.data   #same as point no 2 above
This file we can called it "personal belonging". It is file about your angel baby(ALT+R) configuration/setting. You noticed it when you login your character on someone computer and you will see, angel baby is not same as you set it. Wonder why?? This because that computer does not have this file(your character configuration). If you lazy enough to set it back,you just need to bring together this file.

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