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Mediafire Download Failure [Solved]

I'm using Orbit Downloader as my download manager. But sometime(till i not sure what really caused this) I got an error downloading some file hosted in Mediafire [MF]. I try to avoid reset/re-download to save time. It too annoying to download from the beginning of file about 200MB in size. But if your internet connection is good, you consider it not a problem. For me, it really is.

The problem is same goes here(see screenshot):

Orbit Download fail from Mediafire

So, what i did is by clearing the cookies from "".. To do this, follow these steps:

Remove Individual Cookies

1- Open Firefox web browser
2- Select "Tools"(or press ALT to show it) and select "Options"
3- Select "Privacy" tab and click "remove individual cookies"
4- Search for "mediafire"
5- Select all(begin+shift+end) and click "Remove Cookie"

Try to resume your download task in Orbit Downloader. Hopefully it not still appearing an error and you dont need to reset/start from the beginning of download process.


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