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Disable Blogger Container On Top

I figured that my blog template have a "bugs" with the "container". Element is "menu-secondary-container". That container stay "on top" in my blog/picture. It will block the image view.

The problem is like this:

Annoying Blogger Container

So, with the "Inspect Element" help, i found a solution to this. The caused of that container stay "on top" is by "z-index:300". The whole line for "menu-secondary-container" is ".menu-secondary-container{position:relative;height:38px;z-index:300;background:url( left top repeat-x}"

Phew, after about two two hours(im no expert at coding) looking for the solution, the problem is now solved. Now, this is new look of sup3rc0w

Annoying Blogger Container Solved

Now, sup3rc0w just move to the next level. Moo...


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