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Streamyx Slow Download Speed [Solved]

Lately i facing a problem with my internet connection, "Streamyx Slow Download Speed". I aware that my download speed is only around 30-50KB/S(usually aroung 90-110KB/S in orbit downloader).


My download manager is "Orbit Downloader". On my opinion,this software is great as JDownloader.

You can download:
Orbit downloader = here
JDownloader = here

I found and heard a rumors about some crucial ip range among the Streamyx user. It govern by TM itself not another reason yet to capped/limit the use of the "resources".

I am going not to explain detail about networking infrastructure  here in this post,so i come to solution instantly

After make a "bit" research(reset,reboot both pc and modem,re-setting Streamyx account) then i found/get a solution. The cause is might be a ip address range with i capped into some slow ip range. So i intend to move to normal/faster i keep doing that to until get satisfy.

IP range plays important rules.
Best is IP with 115.* or 124*
IP 60.* is also good(a few)
IP 218.* or 219.* is fast/SoHo(4mb+)
Reboot modem
Reboot pc(if necessary)
Clean dns cache(ccleaner)

Router status..IP..(sup3rc0w)


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