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Best Media Player For Windows Ever

I not really remember it but i clearly can say i have been use Microsoft Windows from the Microsoft Windows XP(Experience),later move to Windows Vista for a while and then come back to Windows XP and now move to Windows 7. For what reason? DirectX version and gaming..he3

In my experience in using Windows, come to think KMPlayer is best among all another media player i ever known.Some other web/sources define KMPlayer is not the top of the best. For me. KMPlayer is FTW!!!

KMPlayer home screen

KMPlayer with theme installed

Based on my statement, i simply share why i highlight KMPlayer is FTW:

1- Support most all video/audio file(i never facing problem with codec)
2- Not "memory/RAM eater". It small and smooth
3- Auto load subtitle with same name file as video in same directory
4- Auto load same artist in same directory
5- Fast foward is great among all. Use of right/left arrow key. No stuck as VLC/DAPlayer/MPC & other
6- Minimize and maximize is greatly working.
7- Remember setting. On-top/never-on-top
8- Integration for all media files
9- Nice theme and interface
10- And more. I just cant remember. Try it for yourself.

Wanna try? Download KMPlayer here (


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