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Streamyx Is Best Choice Ever

I am experiencing with Streamyx internet subscribe about 4 or 5 years. From 2006 and till now. Streamyx Is Best Choice Ever for me. I will never prefer another internet provider other than Streamyx. For this post, i actually defining "Streamyx best" term for downloading or bandwith.

With Streamyx, it is possible and it was made to be possible. So far, nothing can beat it. I myself prefer not to choose P1 or other broadband services with cost much but have a bandwitdh limitation. It SUCK!!!

But, depending on situation or need. For student, mostly they have no choice but to select a Celcom boadband or Maxis Broadband.

Here Streamyx give advantage for me. I am example of other "Downloader Craze"

Streamyx no download bandwidth

So, clearly to be said, Streamyx is top choice for downloader. See the size of my total download(still ongoing). If i use Celcom or Maxis broadband, how this becoming possoble? Yes, it will cost more..He3


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