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Streamyx Authentication Fail OR Auth Failed

 I try to figure out the problem getting this error sometimes on my modem/router. They might give you different error logs but by mean is like "Username and/or Password not correct, authentication fail" or by simple status error "auth failed"

This is very annoying problem ever. I hate this part when try to set/install certain Streamyx account in my modem/router. What i know is,my DSL line reach is low or poor. This might be caused from:

Copper wire
Streamyx problem itself

You polls it yourself what you desire to vote.

I noticed when i trying to use/set Streamyx account, i found this

See screenshot below:

Streamyx slow dsl line

Before everything almost ok for the attainable rate is about 10, sometime over that value..When caught in this situation, it hard to change/use Streamyx account. For attempt,i heard Streamyx will "freeze" you a little time about 5 minutes.


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