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Notepad++ Must Replace Windows Default Notepad

Notepad++ is a simple answer for every question for notepad. While having a full feature of user wanted to be, it cost you free to download it. Notepad ++ is simple text editor and source code editor most be replace to your default text editor(Notepad).

Every feature is optimized what Notepad does not have. You cant ever imagine of that until you download and try it. Under the GNU license, have stability also to run on your machine.

For coding as PHP language, Notepad++ is a great choice ever. For HTML source code, the best editor is here.

For me, what Notepad++ is great for use is:

1- Syntax highlighting(color and detect)
2- Low memory use
3- Tab system(same as firefox)
4- Various plugin
5- Able to replace text(easy and more than Notepad)
6- Link detect
And more much more...

Here Notepad++ on my machine:

Notepad++ on the run

You can download Notepad++ in their website here(


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