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Angel Online Quick Reference

For who confusing with some questioning, this link below might be helpful. What i can only post here is about "Angel Online Quick Reference" mean you can read,follow to help your Angel Online gaming experience.

Angel Online Quick Reference List:

Angel Online Wiki=http://angels.wikidot.com/
Most complete guide,information about game.Cons that they not updating that recently now. But still help much. May be vary on name but not the image. All Angel Online based version can refer there.

Angel Online Wiki
Angel Online(AOI)=http://ao.igg.com/main.php
What can i get here since im not playing AOI?You wrong.If you know the their "chain of command" absolutely like this:

Angel Love Online Taiwan > Angel Online International > Angel Love Online Indonesia

Angel Online(AOI)
If you play AOTW and/or AOI this really help you. This might not be 100% accurate/same but since you know what happen in game next, we can call you "own" the game. "For those can see a future,they can make preparation and effective backup"

Angel Online Forum=http://forum.ao.igg.com/
This might be tricky if you not English literate. But, google translate may help you with that.just dont give up seeking information. Forum there is to sharing and asking information among player itself can moderated by "info-rich people". To get started, just register and start asking question. If you have answer,please reply for other player question. This might help them and give day to them.

Angel Online Forum
Angel Love Online Forum=http://forum.wavegame.net/forumdisplay.php/9-Angel-Love-Online
For real?Angel Love Online ID itself not miss this opportunity when it comes to serve better and provide help among player. Honestly,this forum not really help. From my experience itself, i much learn from AOI forum. Sorry but that my story.

Angel Love Online Forum
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