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Worst Blogger Style Facebook Like Popup

NOTE: Sorry to make this clear, i published this post under "Information" category.

What happen to new style of blogger today is force visitor to like their Facebook Pages for some reason. I wonder the reasons is:

1- to get drastic Facebook Fans
2- one of their SEO strategy(i bet it worst)
3- product selling
4- community reason
5- back linking 

Another reasons come more after..Good to be fine for FB like popup is set displayed under 10 seconds. First let see the screenshot im taken from someone blog:

See how much time to wait to get rid of  that Facebook like popup. 833 seconds is time i take the screenshot..actually is about 999 seconds like that. This make that blog "terrible". In this case,i leave that blog and search the content on Google. This is such annoying thing.

NOTE: this post is about my self opinion and sorry if i dont make it clear enough to write what i actually mean.


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