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Sup3rc0w Start On Applying New Template

This information will be archive, So i add to this post about my blogger previous template.

My template at the same time im writing this post:
My previous sup3rc0w template(iGaming Blogger Template)
Today sup3rc0w will get a now look. Why i am changing into new template? Here my reasons are:

1- New look mean new concept
2- I change my blogging style a bit
3- To reach blogging standard,uniform my post(past & future)
4- I noticed my current template having a problem(after tweaked by me) :D
5- More support about resolution,width and height.
6- Anymore reason i cant remember at this time :P

So, next after this post, i will applying new template. See ya around. Sorry if this ruin your mood to visit my blog. Please, Sup3rc0w will be more entertain you. Provide you information what im going to share. Sorry and TQ


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