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Angel Love Online Card Magnitude

I would like to share for what i know. Angel Love Online Card Magnitude or sometime called "Card Star" or "Card Level". What purpose of this card, is up to you. But basically, we just add to Card Book :D .They have another great function doughh.

How to obtain card in Angel Love Online game?
1- Monster/boss drop
2- Gathering material(worker gather specific material to get certain card)
3- Crafting material(not just craft skill but all producer "making" skill)
4- Doing quest(some NPC will gave you quest or by repetitive quest-ing)
5- Not main factor but you can get from: level 90 Mature Gift Box,exchange with other player

What to do with card?
1- Add to Card Book(complete the set then claim amazing item)
2- As Random Item in fusion equipment,pet
3- Sell to get Angel Gold. Some card are high price. It worth to camp/hunt card

Maybe lot more source where you can get card in Angel Love Online game but i just cant think more know :P .Please let me know by leaving comment.

This is not expert work. I just want to share and i not;never claim myself as pro/hacker/cracker or whatever. If you have info,let spread and share. Help the others.TQ

For mob location/which map please refer here(ALOpedia)

Quick reference:

Card Magnitude 10
Asmodeus Card     #people scene
Beelzebub Card     #special monster
Mammon Card     #special monster
Belial Card     #special monster
Isis Card     #special monster
Lilith     #special monster

Card Magnitude 9
Hydra Card     #special monster
Icarus Card     #special monster
Nightmare Reaper Card     #special monster
Seth Card     #special monster
Siren Card     #special monster
Bloodhoof     #special monster

Card Magnitude 8
Rock Golem Card     #special monster
Sleepy Naika Card     #special monster
Leviathan Card     #special monster
Scarlet Judas Card     #special monster
Trident Seal Card     #props and equipment
Wand Seal Card     #props and equipment
Bow Seal Card     #props and equipment
Cute Maid Card     #people scene
Jafar the Genie Card     #special monster
Windy Queen Card     #special monster
Flying UFO     #props and equipment
Swadeshi     #people scene
Iris     #special monster
Fake Michael     #special monster
Underdog     #special monster

Card Magnitude 7 
Shaman Tomomi Card     #special monster
Scarry Jell-O Card     #special monster
Eyesickle King Card     #special monster
Queen Moth Card     #special monster
Moonlight Warewolf Card     #people scene
Desert Pearl Card     #props and equipment
Elegant Furniture Card     #props and equipment
Princess Wendy Card     #special monster
Ken the Centaur Card     #special monster
Mad Nico Card     #special monster
Celeb Maya Card     #special monster
Rainbow Bird     #general Monster
Destroyer Jade     #special monster
Sad Robo     #people scene
Stealth Airplane     #props and equipment
Crystal     #special monster
Sky Titan     #special monster
Baby Mecha     #special monster
Gilian     #people scene
Sage     #special monster

Complete reference:

I already translate from their default language to English language. I paste in Pastebin  to allow user read with full info. You can read complete reference mode through here(Pastebin)

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