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Android-x86 My New OS

For Android fans out there, here come Android-x86 to give you Android world for your PC.

You can check their official website here(Android-x86 website)

I'm too lazy to write lot. So, i make FAQ in here:

FAQ (Android-x86)

Q: What is Android-x86?
A: It an OS. Google Android for sure. But it for PC mode

Q: What can you do with Android-x86?
A: Depend. For me,i use Android-x86 for Android gaming on PC.

Q: My installation of Android-x86?
A: Virtual OS

Q: RAM provided?
A: 512MB(i using Andorid 4.4 Kit Kat) but for Kit Kat version, if you multi task, i prefer you provide RAM more than 512MB. Almost 1GB is great.

Q: What game i play?
A: For this time,i play "iMobsters" from Storm8 developer. Their website here(Storm8) and for Google Play Store click here(Play Store)
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