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About Angels Love Online Client Files

 By default,this file you will see after start and close ALO game client. Here files with maybe contain juicy information and you can use to meet your need.

Filename: midage.ini
File location: .
Function: Contain game client configuration setting on last run/exit.
Interesting content:

GameWndSizeWidth = 1280 (resolution)
GameWndSizeHeight = 800 (resolution)
Name = username (last login/exit char by client)
SET = 0

Filename: reg.ini
File location: .
Function: Contain game client loader configuration.
Interesting content:

Version = (your current game version)
GameDir = . (in parent directory)
LoaderVer = 2.6 (version of loader being used)

Filename: server.xml
File Location: .
Function: Contain server(to connect) information
Interesting content:

ip="" port="12000" (server ip address)
fip="" fport="12007" (foward ip address?)

4-wob_X_X (X refer to number of resolution)
Filename: wob_800_600.xml, wob_1024_768.xml, wob_1280_768.xml, wob_1280_800.xml
File location: .\save\cfg
Funtion: Contain configuration of window/dialog position
Interesting content: ALL BY FUNCTION

5-05CharName (05 is code style while CharName is your character name)
Filename: 05CharName.txt
File location: .\save\data
Funtion: Contain data about vending/stall
Interesting content:

Message = SELL CHEAP (vend/stall name/your ads)

[SELL] (start item in sell column)
ID1 = 111111111 (system generated id1)
ID2 = 121212121 (system generated id2)
Num = 1 (quantity of item)
Price = 3000000 (price of item.capped at 2 billion/2b)

[BUY] (start item in auto buy column)
ID1 = 0 (no need id1)
ID2 = 232323232 (system generated id2)
Num = 10 (quantity to auto buy)
Price = 2000000 (buying price)

Filename: RobotData_5_username_charname.data (username is your login,charname is your character)
File location: .\save\data
Funtion: Contain data about angel baby setting/configuration
Interesting content: maybe all but cant edit directly


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